Custom Clippers Hand Made in Vegas
Have you noticed that now a days there is not much excitement about hair clippers?.
The barber industry is trending and skyrocketing like never before but still, we have the exact same tools, well, maybe now you have a bunch of options but still nothing really personal.
In an industry where everything is getting more and more personal, we at decided to launch a new project, making hair clippers as unique and high quality as possible, cutting the middle man and offering own manufactured professional tools directly to our customers, saving up to 70% in prices compared to other commercial brands.
Probably you have got one of our best sellers already like the Mark I, the Artist Detailer or the Mr. Axe, but we wanted to take the next step towards a unique and personal way of selling clippers, and we called it KUSTOM CLIPPERS.
Kustom Clippers is a company that customizes clippers so you can have a unique piece either for work or just to add to your clipper collection.Every product is customized by hand in Las Vegas NV.
Support our local business and artists.
All our clipper are backed up with a warranty.
Check the new and unique Kustom Clippers available to you NOW.
Or visit us at our store : Barber Depot in Las Vegas (702) 900-9972
Custom Clippers-Hand Made- Las Vegas-luchadores-blue demon
September 29, 2020 — URIEL SMILOVITZ

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