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1 total reviews


D.B.A. Barber Cat Litter After Shave | Alcohol Free

SKU: DBA-101
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D.B.A. Barber Cat Litter After Shave is the finishing touch to your shaving ritual! This product is made with fresh and natural ingredients to hydrate and moisturize the skin. Enjoy silky smooth skin after a few uses. This alcohol free after shave also prevents dryness and razor bumps. The secret formula to this after shave product is the handcrafted materials used!

D.B.A. Barber's Cat Litter after shave alcohol free paraben free sulfate free

Alcohol-Free After Shave 

16 fl oz-473ml

Why Use D.B.A. Alcohol Free After Shave?

Use D.B.A. Barber Cat Litter After Shave to get these amazing benefits:

  • Silky smooth skin
  • Amazing scents
  • Prevents dryness, irritation & razor bumps
  • Naturally made with fresh ingredients
  • Enhances your shaving experience

D.B.A. Barber Cat Litter After Shave helps to prevent dryness, itchiness, facial hair flakiness, and razor bumps. The reason being is that it’s made without alcohol, which is a known agent to dry your skin and create razor bumps. This after shave product also has a remarkable scent that’ll leave you smelling your best!

Chemical-Free Ingredients For The Best Results

D.B.A. Barber Cat Litter After Shave is made with natural ingredients and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. This after shave product doesn’t have sulfate or parabens, which are known agents to negatively affect your health. D.B.A. Barber prides itself on creating the best products to enhance your grooming experience! We provide a luxury barber experience from home with our products.

One Of A Kind Scent

Finish your shaving ritual with D.B.A Barber’s alcohol free after shave. It has a unique one of a kind scent you’ll love! Enjoy a seductive leathery fragrance with smoky rum, artemisia, cardamom, and clary sage notes. Masculine, woody, and powerful to leave you smelling your best all day long.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Jorge I.
Amazing After Shave!!

Tried a lot of different solutions, alcohol free, nothing comes close to this one. Great product, smells great, and funny as hell! :-)

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