1810 Pre-Shave Oil Rosemary-Mint 2oz/60ml


Brand 1810
SKU: 1810-002


1810 Pre-Shave Oil Rosemary-Mint 2oz/60ml


1810® established the beginning of our Mexican identity,  reflected in the rosemary and mint notes of our hand made products produced in an artisanal way with the best and purest ingredients of our Mexican soil. 

1810® products are a proud statement of our roots and traditions, that is why each and every product extols a phrase that reflects the roots and slyness that characterizes us.

1810® Pre-Shave Oil is a rich blend of 100% natural oils that moisturizes, protects and softens the beard while allowing the blade to glide smoothly over the skin and through the beard while reducing "pull", resulting in less irritation.

Pre-Shave Oil forms a coating over the skin to protect it from the blade.

Pre-Shave Oil is one of the essential products that any man can posses.