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Razor Strop Co.

Illinois #835 Leather Razor Strop

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hand made razor strop cordovan cow linen suede sharp razors every time best gift for any men


The Illinois #835 Razor Strop measures 2 1/4" wide and 21" long, including hand grip. This strop is designed for straight razors and has two sides, a leather side and a linen side. The linen side is for initial stropping. The smooth leather side is used for final stropping.

Manufactured by the largest manufacturer of leather strops in the United States
This quality strop consists of two strops with individual handles: leather and linen
The leather strop is made of Top Grain Cowhide Leather and the linen strop is made of Fine Wave Linen Finish.
This strop is assembled with brass plated hardware.

At 2 ¼” wide and 21” long, the #835 is smaller than the larger Illinois #127 Razor Strop. With the same smooth leather and durable linen as the other Illinois Leather Razor Strops, this is an excellent medium-sized strop for straight razors.


When a Razor strop is Needed

  1. A Razor strop is used to rectify the edge of a razor strop which is dull or presents small nicks due the use of the razor on your shaving routine. The edge of a straight razor will need to be stropped usually after 2-3 shaves, all depends on the beard and usage you provide to your blade. A Razor strop will keep and maintain sharp ready straight razor much longer between sharpening’s.

Wow to Use a Razor Strop

  1. Always use your strop before shaving. Your strop usually will have two sides, one smooth leather and a second one made from fabric such as linen, follow these simple steps to achieve a sharp ready blade

Start on your fabric or linen side

  1. It is recommended to treat your fabric or linen side with green oxide compound, .5 micron (60,000 Grit), on a new razor the compound can be avoided
  2. Start stropping your razor always with the edge direction facing backwards as the strop movement occurs.
  3. Flip your razor rotating it over the spine and continue to strop in the opposite direction until you reach the other edge of the strop and so on
  4. Do about 10 passes (back and forth)

Follow with the back side of your fabric or linen side (non-compound treated)

  1. Do about 20-25 passes this time just as you did in the previous step

Finalize your Stropping process on the soft leather side

  1. Do about 45-50 passes this time just as you did in the previous steps.

One or two passes difference won’t make any difference



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