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Blumaan Hybrid Cream Clay- 2.5oz

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Brand Blumaan
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Blumaan Hybrid Cream Clay - 2.5oz

Hybrid Cream Clay is hand-crafted in collaboration with Arcadian Grooming. It combines cream and clay, utilizing the best aspects of each. Hybrid’s creamy texture provides a smooth, comfortable application and the clay leaves the hair with a natural matte finish. After 10-15 minutes the product will “activate” to a light-medium hold, allowing you ample time to style! This product works great for those who want to achieve relaxed and messy styles.


How To Use

Take a small amount and spread it evenly across both palms. Push your hands through your hair until you get the loose, messy and relaxed hairstyle you desire. Or grab your comb for a cleaner look. Apply more product if necessary until you achieve the style and hold you’re looking for.

The Delayed Hold Activation feature delivers stronger hold 15 minutes after application to help you achieve the style you're looking for.