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Kustom Clippers

Kustom Clippers METAL Cordless Barber Combo

SKU: BB-Combo-2
Regular price $95.00
Regular price $155.00 Sale price $95.00

The top-selling barber clipper, MARK I have a new amazing model, with an upgraded 10W Rotary Motor that outperforms any clipper on the market, this new model includes our signature Kustom Clippers Yellow Hard Case and the distinctive KC collectors Pin.

Cordless Barber Combo

Do you need barber clippers to maintain your beard or hair? Let the Kustom Clippers METAL Cordless Barber Combo help! It’s meant for anyone looking to maintain their look.


The Kustom Clippers METAL Cordless Barber Combo was created with barber and grooming enthusiasts in mind. The combo set from Kustom Clippers includes the top-selling MARK I Metal clipper and the Kai-X4 clipper. Both of these clippers were designed for premium quality haircuts that leave anyone satisfied with their results. The Kustom Clippers METAL Cordless Barber Combo is the best of both worlds for clean hairlines and sharp cuts.

Combo Specifications

The Kustom Clippers METAL Cordless Barber Combo includes: One MARK I Metal clipper box set
 One Kai-X4 clipper box set
 MARK I Metal clipper box set includes: Six cutting guides (.5-1-1.5-2-3-4mm)
 Kustom Clippers yellow hard case
 Kustom Clippers collectors pin
 Cleaning brush
 Recharging transformer 
 Red blade guard
 Instruction manual
 Kai-X4 clipper box set includes:3 trimming guides (1/2-1-1/2)
 USB charging cable
 Instruction manual
 Cleaning brush

Best Uses For MARK I Metal Clipper

MARK I Metal clipper by Kustom Clippers is the best seller for a reason! This cordless clipper has an upgraded 10W Rotary Motor. Its sleek design is finished with a silver metallic casing.
It’s best used for slashing through huge amounts of hair. It excels in fading haircuts to blend short and long hair. Since it’s a mobile clipper, it isn’t tied down to a power outlet, making it the ultimate best-seller.

Best Uses For Kai-X4 Clipper

The Kai-X4 is also an amazing clipper to admire! It’s beautifully designed with a black ceramic coating. The Kai-X4 excels in hair facial hair detailing. The blades provide precision for hairlines, hair tattooing, and more.
This splash-resistant clipper has a battery life of 150-minutes. Since it’s a cordless clipper then you won’t have to worry about a power source.


Accessories 6 premium cutting guides ( .5-1-1.5-2-3-4mm), recharging transformer, styling comb, oil, cleaning brush, operating instructions red blade guard
Battery Lithium Ion
Blade Fading Blade
Motor 10W Rotary
Voltage Hertz 120V - 60Hz

Professional Cordless Trimmer Kai-X4

Beautiful Masterpiece Black Ceramic Coated- This professional quality unit is for everyday use in the busy barbershop or salon. The cordless clipper comes equipped with an extremely close cutting 6" t-wide blade designed for detailing and fine line trimming, and a lithium-ion battery with a 150-minute run time.

IPX4- Water Splash Resistant-


  • Extremely close trimming creates crisp, clean lines
  • An extended blade cutting area produces faster cutting results
  • Facial hair detailing and design
  • Detailed Hair Tattooing


Accessories 3 trimming guides (1/2-1-1/2), recharging USB cable, cleaning brush, oil operating instructions.
Battery Lithium-Ion
Blade 1.3" T-Wide Blade
Cord Cord/Cordless Transformer
Motor Rotary
Unit Weight 11.2 oz
Voltage Hertz 110V-240V, 50-60Hz
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