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Level 3

Level 3 Barber Nitrile Gloves

Regular price $13.90
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Ultimate Protection and Safety Allergy-Friendly Material Versatile for Various Professions and Tasks Touchscreen Compatibility Convenient and Hygienic Disposal

Pack of Level 3 Barber Nitrile Gloves, showcasing their durability and safety features for professional and personal use


Color Barber Gloves

Protection and hygiene? They’re in your hands with our professional nitrile gloves.

  • Level 3 Barber Nitrile Gloves are a versatile and essential tool for a multitude of tasks, extending beyond the realm of barbering. These gloves are designed to provide maximum safety and protection in various work environments, including healthcare, beauty, tattooing, food handling, and household cleaning. Made from high-quality synthetic rubber, they are an excellent choice for individuals with latex allergies. The gloves are powder-free to minimize skin irritation and PVC-free, making them safe for food handling. Their ambidextrous design ensures ease of use, and they conform to the hands for both protection and comfort. These gloves are flexible, allowing for dexterity in tasks, and are touchscreen compatible for added convenience.

    Key Features:

    • Superior Protection: Made from synthetic rubber, offering resistance to punctures, chemicals, and germs.
    • Latex-Free: Suitable for people with latex allergies.
    • Powder-Free and PVC-Free: Ideal for sensitive skin and safe for various applications.
    • Ambidextrous Design: Easy to wear, providing a snug and comfortable fit.
    • Touchscreen Compatible: Ensures efficiency in technology-driven environments.

    Why It’s a Game-Changer: Level 3 Barber Nitrile Gloves are widely recognized for their robust protection against punctures, chemicals, and germs. They are perfect for tasks that require hygiene and safety, such as hairdressing, healthcare, and food preparation. The gloves are highly durable, designed to withstand sharp objects and protect against injuries. Their chemical resistance is particularly beneficial for handling hair dyes and bleaches, ensuring skin safety during prolonged use.

    The gloves' allergy-friendly composition is ideal for all users and applications, including sensitive tasks. They offer excellent flexibility and mobility, allowing for precision in detailed work. The form-fitting design creates a protective barrier, while the ambidextrous feature saves time in busy settings.

    Incorporating touch screen compatibility, these gloves facilitate uninterrupted workflow, making them indispensable in modern, tech-enabled workplaces. After use, they can be disposed of safely, ensuring hygiene and convenience.

    Size and Packaging:

    • Available in 3.5mil (Black/Lime/Red/Orange) and 4mil (Silver/Pink/Lavender) thicknesses.
    • Each pack contains 100 gloves.

    How to Use:

    1. Select the desired size and thickness.
    2. Wear the gloves, which will mold to your hands for a perfect fit.
    3. Proceed with your tasks, assured of comprehensive protection.
    4. Dispose of the gloves after use, maintaining hygiene and safety.
  • Safely dispose of your gloves when you’re done

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