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Regular price $76.90
Regular price $87.99 Sale price $76.90


Matte Pomade

Regular price $76.90
Regular price $87.99 Sale price $76.90

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32oz Tube

Everyone asked for it and it’s now finally here. We wanted to be able to ensure every bathroom and every barber’s back bar is adequately stocked up with the best. This 32 ounce tub is going to keep you supplied and looking good for a long time!

Our Matte Pomade is a water based hair product that goes into your hair easily and helps you achieve any style you want. You will be able to style your hair without that tugging and pulling effect you may be used to with other mattes out there. When it’s done setting it drys to a completely matte, no shine finish. This pomade is perfect for everything from pompadours to more natural looser styles. It’s a hair product that is supremely versatile.

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Directions: Careful when slamming this down on the bathroom counter, it’s big and heavy and can break countertops. Place in a safe spot and where you can always get to a scoop when needed. Always secure lid when finished.

  • Great holding power for the whole day
  • Healthy no shine matte finish
  • Rinses out with just water
  • Made in the United States

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