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The Shave Factory

The Shave Factory Shaving Gel

SKU: TS-9032
Regular price $18.90
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The non-foaming clear gel allows you to see where your blade has already passed, saving you time and pain. The formula is moisturizing and protective, keeping skin soft and smooth with no nicks or razor burns. Shaving just evolved, so don’t get left behind.
The Shave Factory Shaving Gel 1250ML with 25% MORE Free

The Shave Factory | Transparent Shaving Gel | Non-Foaming Clear Shave Gel 1250ML with 25% MORE Free

Our clear shaving gel takes the guesswork out of grooming. Welcome to the future.

  • 1000ML standard + 25% More FREE = 1250ML is the volume You get with The Shave Factory Shaving Gel.
  • The Shave Factory Shaving Gel is suitable for all types of skin.
  • Moisturises and refreshes your skin. Provides a very good skin feeling
  • For a precise shave of the beard contours
  • Softens the beard hair and simplifies shaving

 Moisturizing Effect Fresh Active - High-Quality Product For Professional Barbers/Hairdressers and Traditional Shaving Enthusiasts (Fresh)

The Shave Factory | Transparent Shaving Gel | Non Foaming Clear Shave Gel

Size -1250ml

The Shave Factory Shaving Gel for Your Shave

  • ✔ The shaving gel softens your beard hair, so the razor blade can glide comfortably over your skin.

    ✔ The gel soothes the skin and thus prevents skin irritation and unsightly shaving fires.

    ✔ After use, your skin is moisturized and has a pleasantly fresh effect.

    ✔For a new shave experience.

    ✔ Shaving gel for men

 How to Use

  • First, wash your hands and the area to be treated. Then take an approx. Hazelnut large amount of shaving gel and massage it on the area to be treated.
  • Then shave as usual.
  • Then rinse with water.

If you are a business this product is available at wholesale prices, Contact Here

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