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Regular price $60.00 Sale price $54.90

5 total reviews

5 total reviews


WEZTECK one Blade System

Regular price $54.90
Regular price $60.00 Sale price $54.90

Unveil the WezTeck One Blade: the future of grooming. Adjust from #0 to #2 seamlessly. Compatible with top clippers. Elevate your styling precision.


"WezTeck One Blade - Advanced hair clipper blade adjustable from #0 to #2 cutting length."

WEZTECK Made 2 Fade System

Discover the WezTeck One Blade - A New Era in Hair Grooming

Step into a new age of grooming with the WezTeck One Blade, a pioneering hair clipper blade meticulously designed for the modern stylist and barber. Gone are the days of constantly swapping out guards and adjusting your tools. With the One Blade, effortlessly shift between a #0 to #2 cutting length, allowing for a versatile range of styles and looks from a single tool.

Precision Meets Innovation: Harnessing state-of-the-art technology, the One Blade ensures unparalleled precision and consistency in every cut. Whether sculpting a fresh buzz cut, defining a textured crop, or detailing intricate patterns, this blade provides both accuracy and speed. The result? Reduced styling time, increased client satisfaction, and an impeccable finish every time.

Versatile Compatibility: We understand the importance of adaptability in professional tools. That's why the WezTeck One Blade has been engineered for a seamless fit with some of the industry's leading hair clippers:

  • Wahl: 5 Star, Legend, Senior, Magic Clip
  • Babyliss: Fx, Limited Fx, Snap Fx, Limited LoProFx, Boost+
  • Andis: Envy Li, Beauty Master
  • JRL: FreshFade 2020C
  • Gamma: X-Ergo, Mag Ergo, Boosted, Absolute Alpha, Protégé, Skin Professional
  • Stylecraft: Instinct, Mythic, Saber, Apex, Rebel, Rogue, Ergo, Protégé, Absolute Alpha

Elevate Your Craft: Upgrade your hair grooming arsenal and watch as the WezTeck One Blade transforms not just haircuts, but the entire grooming experience. Witness the seamless blend of innovation and performance, and let your clients enjoy the difference.

Dive into the future of hair cutting. Experience the unmatched prowess of the WezTeck One Blade today.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kalvin Bolds
Loud and overheat

I put it on my rebels and oiled them up. They was very loud and heats up fast. Stopped using after one day of work in the shop.


Not a very good product for a women with small hands. customer very poor. I am stuck with an item that cannot be returned even though it’s not used


Purchased the one blade unit, put on my clipper, and wife had a very hard time (unable to turn) changing the head size with her small hands. Never used, but customer stated that I should have read the fine print. Once opened, no exchanged. Shitty customer service as well. Not impressed, I would not recommend it to any small hand person. Have one for sale, half price!! LOL

Ricky Golden
Trying to return. Unopened.

Ive tried to contact the company to return…but have not heard back?

Juan Ramos
Amazing product

Makes all types of haircuts easier!

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