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x-pro wide gold titanium fixed & dlc the one cutting trimmer blade set

Regular price $39.95
Regular price Sale price $39.95

"Elevate your grooming standards with the X-Pro Wide Gold Titanium & DLC The One Cutting Trimmer Blade Set. This Italian designed, professional-quality blade set merges unmatched sharpness with sleek aesthetics, ensuring precise, smooth cuts, and fewer blade changes. Ideal for those seeking excellence in grooming, it is compatible with all Gamma+ and StyleCraft trimmer models."

"Premium X-Pro Wide Gold Titanium & DLC The One Cutting Trimmer Blade Set, designed with professional quality materials and refined engineering for unmatched grooming precision."

Refined Grooming with X-Pro Wide Gold Titanium & DLC The One Cutting Trimmer Blade Set

  • Upgrade your grooming arsenal with the refined X-Pro Wide Gold Titanium Fixed & DLC The One Cutting Trimmer Blade Set. If you notice a decline in sharpness, it’s a signal to rejuvenate your equipment. This premier set, featuring a Gold Titanium Fixed Trimmer Blade and a Black Diamond Carbon DLC “The One” Precision Deep Tooth Cutter Blade, stands as the epitome of luxury and performance for your hair trimmer.


    • Fewer Blade Changes: Maintain and clean properly to reduce the frequency of blade replacements.
    • Zero Gap Blade: Crafted for the closest cut and finish, enhancing precision and detailing.
    • Professional Quality: Constructed with premium materials to ensure maximum performance and longevity.
    • Universal Fit: Compatible with all Gamma+ and StyleCraft trimmer models.
    • Italian Design: Thoughtfully engineered and designed in Italy, reflecting superior craftsmanship and innovation.

    Unrivaled Sharpness & Precision:

    Special convex and hollow grind deliver unparalleled sharpness, forming a perfectly balanced blade. “The One” deep tooth cutter blade guarantees smooth, crunch-free cuts without any pulling or snagging, optimizing every grooming session's precision and quality.

    Easy & Safe Installation:

    Installation is a breeze. Unscrew the two fasteners on the trimmer’s back, gently remove the old blade, align the new one, and secure the screws. Ensure correct alignment to avoid any potential injury.

    Maintenance & Care:

    • Gently brush off debris with the maintenance kit brush.
    • Optionally spray blades with a suitable disinfectant.
    • Administer 2-3 drops of oil directly on the blade.
    • Clean the trimmer body with a dry cloth.
    • Use the blade cover to prevent damage and prolong blade life by storing it correctly.


    For consistent sharpness and optimal performance, change your blades every 1 to 4 months, depending on usage.

    This blade set is not just a component but a stylish enhancement, amalgamating luxury, precision, and top-tier design, assuring each grooming experience is a cut above the rest.


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