Top 5 Wholesale Barber Products

Top 5 Wholesale Barber Products

In this shortlist you'll find the top wholesale barber products that are available to you today. If you're interested in adding wholesale barber tools and products to your lineup, then check out this list: 

1. NEW GAMMA+ X-Ergo Clipper

This is a very comfortable and smooth-running clipper. It'll cut through all hair types, from fine to coarse, without pulling or tearing. Consumers have reported this being one of the best haircuts they've ever received at a barbershop because it's so gentle on their scalp and neckline.

2. The Original Kustom Clippers Barbers Backpack

This is the barber backpack that every barber should have. It has room for your clippers and trimmers, as well as a place to hold all of your accessories and tools. This bag also comes with top-of-the-line fabric that will be able to take on anything you throw at it without breaking or wearing down.

3. Kustom Clippers X-Large Magnetic Barber Station Mat

This barber station mat is a must-have for any professional barbershop. It has a large magnetic base and will not slide or fall over during the day. This mat can be placed anywhere, so you can put it right in front of your working space - making sure your tools are within arms reach when you need them.

4. NEW SC Mythic Professional Microchipped Metal Clipper with Magnetic Motor

These are one of the most popular clippers available on the market today. They have a powerful and smooth magnetic motor that allows for cutting any type of hair without slowing down or overheating. Consumers have reported these barber tools to be reliable, long-lasting, and effective in giving customers a great haircut time after time.

5. Kustom Clippers METAL Cordless Barber Combo

This sleek, cordless barber clipper is a must-have for any barber. It operates on a rechargeable battery that will last for years without losing power or needing to be recharged. This tool has been praised for being incredibly powerful and maneuverable at the same time.

Wholesale Barber Products

If you want to get your own wholesale barber supplies from great brands like NEW GAMMA+, Kustom Clippers, and more, then contact us today. We'll make sure you have these tools and more available in no time!