ANDIS T-Outliner Ceramic Blade / Gold Combo Replacement

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SKU: BB-010

T-Outliner Ceramic Blade Replacement


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Our Ceramic blade is designed to fit Andis corded and cordless T-Outliner blade. It is also engineered to give a smoother and faster cut while being chemically resistant to corrosion and is also rust-free.

Our Cera-Tech technology makes our T-Outliner Ceramic Blade last up to 5x longer and perform substantially cooler Advanced than steel blades. The low heat transfer and friction index of our ceramic blade allows your T-Outliner blade to keep cutting up to 75% cooler than a steel blade.

You will use less coolant and cut faster with less downtime for increased productivity. The Ceramic T-Outliner replacement blade reduces the amount of heat from friction and ultimately allows you to cut hair faster and operate your T-Outliner for much longer.

Cera-Tech T-Outliner blade is designed for functionality, which is why we added the ceramic T-Outliner replacement blade, to help your trimmer run smoother than your original T-Outliner blade.


    • Advanced Cera-Tech  technology makes our ceramic blade 5X sharper
    • Lasts 5X longer
    • Stays 5X cooler