Art Collection Shaving Brush- Pure Badger-White- 21mm

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SKU: TSC-306


Art Collection shaving brush, pure badger, 

The Material – High Grade Resin

Introducing: Art Collection, urban and unashamedly elegant. His round shape perfectly fits into your palm, while matt plastics help maintain the nice grip. The colour combination of the black neck of this brush and his stand in olive, emphasise his cool chic.

  • shaving brush with pure badger
  • handle material: plastic
  • ring size: 21 mm

Pure Badger

Among the natural hair types, pure badger with its darker colouring guarantees exceptionally solid quality and a somewhat stronger massage effect. The soft hair is sturdier than silvertip badger and fine badger, but much more flexible than bristle material. It is manufactured mechanically according to the same high standards which are applied to all MÜHLE products.

Ring Size: 21 mm

Dimensions: 35 mm x 102 mm

Weight: 54 g