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BabylissPro® FXONE BlackFx Double Foil Shaver

Regular price $209.99
Regular price Sale price $209.99

"Introducing the BABYLISSPRO® FXONE BLACKFX Double Foil Shaver, a cutting-edge tool that redefines the shaving experience by merging a high-velocity N1 Brushless Motor, hypoallergenic gold titanium foils, and a versatile FXONE battery system into a single, robust shaving instrument. Navigate through each shave with ease and precision, backed by up to 3 hours of runtime and a 2-year warranty, ensuring every stroke manifests in a flawless finish.
"Sleek and advanced BABYLISSPRO® FXONE GOLDFX Double Foil Shaver showcasing its dual foils and ergonomic all-metal housing, representing the pinnacle in precise and efficient professional grooming tools."

Unlock Unparalleled Shaving Precision with BABYLISSPRO® FXONE BLACKFX Double Foil Shaver

Explore an unparalleled shaving journey with the BABYLISSPRO® FXONE BLACKFX Double Foil Shaver, where meticulous design meets a symphony of powerful features, creating a haven for professionals who seek nothing but precision and reliability in their craft.

First to Market: The Exquisite FXONE Collection

Welcome to the futuristic FXONE Collection, a first-to-market series that unveils a unified battery system which is congruent with all FXONE tools. This innovative concept ensures that one battery seamlessly empowers your entire grooming toolkit. Each set includes the tool, battery, and a convenient charging base, bridging the gap between innovation and functionality.

Impeccable Features and Benefits:

  • N1 Brushless Motor: Experience robust and reliable performance with the new N1 brushless motor.
  • Peak Efficiency: Dual bearings bolster efficiency, supporting an impressive 10,000 RPM / 20,000 SPM.
  • Interchangeable Lithium Battery Pack (FXBB24): Enjoy unmatched flexibility with the new interchangeable lithium battery pack.
  • Enduring Power: Ensure continuous, powerful shaves with up to 3 hours of runtime.
  • Quick Battery Release Button: Experience unbound fluidity with swift and effortless battery changes.
  • 4-Stage LED Ring Battery Indicator: Maintain uninterrupted sessions with a clear display of battery status.
  • Pivoting Foil Head with Locking Feature: Achieve optimal contact and control with a new pivoting foil head.
  • Offset Double Foil System & Hypoallergenic Gold Titanium Foils: Ensure a smooth, irritant-free shave every time.
  • Dual Counter-Cutting Blades: Precise, close shaves are effortlessly achieved with dual counter-cutting blades.
  • Ergonomic All-Metal Housing with Magnetic Foil Cap: Appreciate the sturdiness and aesthetic of the new all-metal housing and easy-to-use magnetic foil cap.
  • Knurled Metal Barbell Grip: Maintain a steady, comfortable grip throughout the grooming session.
  • Tapered End Cap with Hidden Hanging Hook: Store and display your tool with ease thanks to the ingenious design.

A Pledge of Quality and Durability

The BABYLISSPRO® FXONE BLACKFX Double Foil Shaver is more than a tool – it is a commitment to excellence, safeguarded with a limited 2-year warranty, assuring your investment in world-class grooming technology and design.

Navigate through a sublime shaving experience where the fusion of design and technological prowess shapes your grooming artistry into perfection. The BABYLISSPRO® FXONE BLACKFX Double Foil Shaver isn’t merely a tool; it's an epitome of precision and power, sculpting excellence in every stroke.


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