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Premium Beard Oil N.3


Smooth and masculine fragrance combining pure tobacco leaf notes blended with sweet vanilla This fragrance will take you to a Victorian era where the finest English apothecaries customized boutique fragrances for nobles and royalty. A must Try!



We wanted our Beard Oil to be high-quality and consistently reliable.
Our beard oil is quickly absorbed, without feeling heavy or greasy, a few drops are enough to cover and moisturize the entire beard leaving an incredible softness and manageability.
Our unique oil blend is said to encourage beard growth and moisturize your skin beneath the beard.
Our beard oil will alleviate the itchiness in your face and beard that is caused mainly for two reasons. Our face follicles produces only certain amount of  sebum (oil) that serves as “food” for our beard, when your beard is growing and gets about 1 or 2 inches long, that sebum is no longer enough to cover the entire facial hair and that’s why we get the “split ends on our beard” causing the skin to get dry and damaging the entire beard.
Daily use of a rich beard oil will provide your beard and skin the necessary nutrients to maintain a healthy, shiny and good-looking beard while moisturizing your skin.
Our Beard Oil is lighter and easily absorbed by your skin and will not clog your pores like many other oils can. Be good to your beard, start early and follow a daily maintenance routine that includes a high quality beard oil, like ours.
 soy free, vegan, sulphate free, alcohol free, beard oil, beard moisturizer