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japan shaving set, safety razor, traditional shaving brush shaving soap shaving set case


Traditional Wet Shaving Set

4pz shaving set, includes everything you need for a perfect and close shave

  • Shaving brush with pure badger 19mm
  • Safety razor, compatible with any double edge blades
  • Shaving Soap
  • Travel Case
  • Gift Box

Shaving Brush

High quality sealed wood provides excelent grip and long lasting products

The Brushhead - Pure badger

Pure badger is the basic quality among the natural hair types. The material is recognizable by its relatively dark coloring. The individual hairs are somewhat thicker, but still soft and much more flexible than bristles.

This quality is highly recommended for those wishing to take a badger hair brush that provides a slightly stronger massage effect. 

Safety Razor

 Classic razor blade

Hand made from top quality aluminum. For generations, the safety razor has been regarded as a stylish classic which can even shave edges with precision. For many, it is the razor par excellence. Its styling is ideally suited to the design.

Even if the open blade does demand a little respect at first: After a brief familiarization period, and guided by a steady hand, it produces a very close shave and a lasting result. Unlike modern blade systems, the head of the safety razor does not move. The blades are replaced by unscrewing the cap. They can be purchased from us and by retailers everywhere.

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