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Matte Pomade

Matte Pomade has created the most perfect hair pomade in existence, a product that not only hold the most demanding hair styles but actually care about your hair. Every product is tested over 15 crucial check points, starting with the purifying of the water for the production, to the heat, cold, and even microbiology in every single batch, our one time heat process is a state of the art pomade production process that actually created the most perfect, crystal and pure hair pomade in the world. Hair Pomades is the series of water based pomades that offers a complete range for every specific need and taste. Whether your style is pompadour, ducktail, fade or just a classic cut Hair Pomades will not dry or leave your hair hard and crispy allowing you to style your hair over and over again throughout the day. 

Thanks to its advanced formulation Hair Pomades easily washes off without any greasy residue being the most popular choice today hair care and styling.

 Hold- High Hold

Original Barbershop Scent

Finish- Matte Finish


  • Allow styling your hair over and over again throughout the day.
  • Do not dry or leave hair hard and crunchy.
  • Ultra Hold /  Matte Finish
  • Grease-free.
  • Washes off from hair easily.
  • Holds firmly in place, but can be easily revived with water.
  • There is no acne outbreak.

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Buy barber matte pomade

I really liked this product , held my clients hair firm with a clean matte finish