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Feather Professional Blade "PB-20" for Artist Club Series

SKU: F1-30-200
Regular price $12.50
Regular price $14.00 Sale price $12.50

Outstanding longevity retains sharpness and smoothness for many shaves. 1 pack of 20 blades. Extremely sharp, smooth, and comfortable shave. Highest quality blades made to fit different double edge safety razors. Hi-stainless platinum coated blades. Same as yellow feather.

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FANTASTIC BLADES FOR FULL-FACE SHAVING! Barbers cite these blades as their most versatile blade used for full-face shaving (includes outlining, line-ups, etc.). They are designed to fit all Feather Artist Club Professional Shaving Razors. Each blade features triple grinding for optimal sharpness, quality and consistency, and a double coating of platinum alloy and resin for ease of use and blade longevity. A one-touch mechanism enables easy, sanitary insertion of new blades. Made in Japa

  • The most versatile and economical Artist Club razor blade
  • Used for full face shaving, outlining, line-ups
  • Triple grinding for superior sharpness, quality and consistency
  • One-touch mechanism enables easy, sanitary and safe insertion of new blades
  • Fits any Artist Club razor handle
  • 20 blades per cartridge
  • Made in Japan

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