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Regular price $169.99
Regular price $199.00 Sale price $169.99

5 total reviews

5 total reviews


Gamma+ BOOSTED Clipper with Super Torque Motor

Regular price $169.99
Regular price $199.00 Sale price $169.99

Powerful and quiet motor for all hair types. Precision cutting with adjustable blades. Long-lasting battery with convenient charging. Personalizable appearance with color options. Comprehensive accessory set for all grooming needs.
Boosted Professional Modular Cordless Clipper with Super Torque Motor and Customizable Lids - Precision Cutting for Barbers

Super Torque Motor - Gamma+ Boosted

    Experience Unmatched Power and Precision with the Boosted Professional Modular Cordless Clipper

    Introducing the Boosted Professional Cordless Clipper by GAMMA+, a fusion of unparalleled power and meticulous design. Engineered for professionals who demand excellence, this clipper redefines the grooming experience with its superior performance and customizable features.

    At its core is the super torque rotary motor, running at an impressive 7,200 RPMs, ensuring robust and consistent cutting through all hair types. Despite its power, the clipper operates with whisper-quiet efficiency and minimal vibration, offering a comfortable experience for both barber and client.

    The Double Black Diamond Carbon DLC blades are a testament to precision engineering. Fully adjustable and capable of zero-gap setting, they provide the closest cut and finish possible, perfect for detailed fading and blending.

    Enjoy 3 hours of cordless operation with the convenience of USB recharging. The universal USB cord offers global charging compatibility, making this clipper ideal for on-the-go stylists.

    Customize your clipper to reflect your personal style with interchangeable lid colors in Black, Red, and Gold, each featuring the Boosted logo and an illuminating light during use. The adjustable floating lever further enhances your cutting flexibility, allowing for seamless adjustments.

    Key Features:

    • Super Torque Motor: High-speed, low-noise operation at 7,200 RPMs.
    • Double Black Diamond Blades: Zero-gap adjustable for ultra-close cuts.
    • USB Rechargeable: 3-hour cordless run-time with universal charging.
    • Customizable Design: Interchangeable lids and adjustable lever.
    • Complete Kit: Includes magnetic guards, maintenance tools, and charging stand.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Very good investment.

    I really like the clipper I'm a starting Barber and I was impressed by how the clipper debulks.

    Endi Caldera
    Bottom line it’s awesome

    I been using now for couple weeks. They are awesome! They are fast, light and stay charge for a great time. The package it’s great. It’s worth the purchased. I like to use this clipper for fading. I still haven’t place the favor blades. Looking forward thou.

    Russell Minobe
    Power stamina

    Good power, battery lasts long.

    Mary Holliday
    Gamma clippers

    Love these clippers. Best I have ever used!

    Christian Segura
    Great Clippers

    I like the new gamma+busted.

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