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1 total reviews


Gamma+ Stylecraft Fixed Black Diamond Fade Clipper Blade

Regular price $24.95
Regular price Sale price $24.95

Professional-grade compatibility Superior blade quality Enhanced cutting performance Reduced need for frequent changes Easy maintenance and care Optimal for sensitive skin Precise zero-gap adjustment

Black Diamond Carbon DLC Fade Hair Clipper Blade, compatible with StyleCraft and GAMMA+, for precision cutting.


DLC Black Diamond Fade Blade

Experience Professional Precision with our Black Diamond Carbon DLC Fade Hair Clipper Blade

Elevate your grooming routine with our professional-grade Black Diamond Carbon DLC Fade Hair Clipper Blade. Designed for compatibility with all StyleCraft and GAMMA+ clipper models, this blade embodies the pinnacle of cutting technology.

Key Features:

  • Professional-Grade Compatibility: Fits seamlessly with all StyleCraft and GAMMA+ clipper models.
  • Superior Black Diamond Carbon Blade: Enjoy a cooler, rust-free, and sharper experience for a prolonged period.
  • Enhanced Cutting Performance: Super sharp tips ensure precision in every cut.
  • Reduced Need for Blade Changes: Sturdy build and design lead to fewer blade changes, saving time and preferred by professionals.
  • Optimal Change Frequency: For maximum performance, change your blade every 1 to 4 months, depending on daily usage.
  • Ideal Storage Tips: Avoid wrapping the cord around the clipper; instead, hang from a hook and use the blade cover lid for longevity.
  • Easy Cleaning Process: Simple maintenance with a brush, optional disinfectant spray, and regular oiling, coupled with a blade cover for storage.

Material Quality:

  • Black Diamond Carbon DLC: High durability, resistance to rust and corrosion, and remains sharp with the coolest operation.
  • Gold Titanium: Hypoallergenic, easy to sanitize, and perfect for all-around cutting on sensitive skin.
  • Stainless Steel: Premium Japanese Stainless-Steel construction for strength and cost-effectiveness.

Blade Alignment & Maintenance:

  • Correct Blade Alignment: Ensure the movable top blade does not extend over the fixed bottom blade for smooth operation.
  • Regular Maintenance & Care: Clean regularly with a blade brush, disinfectant, and a few drops of barber blade oil for optimal performance. Maintenance kit not included.

Achieving Zero Gap:

  • Precise Adjustment: Follow simple steps for front and back blade alignment to achieve a flawless zero gap for perfect cuts.

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Eduardo Cadena

Quick shipping. Product is great. Came as described

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