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Handmade Japan Micro-Cut Hair Cutting Shears

SKU: BB-116
Regular price $80.00
Regular price $95.00 Sale price $80.00

Introducing the 6-inch Handmade Japan Micro-Cut Hair Cutting Shears, expertly forged from the renowned VG10 Japanese Stainless Steel. Designed for exceptional micro-cutting precision, these shears bring you a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern functionality, ensuring every cut is performed with unparalleled accuracy and ease, keeping hair health at the forefront.

Handmade Japan Micro-Cut Hair Cutting Shears, 6-inch, crafted from premium VG10 Japanese Stainless Steel, perfect for precision hairstyling and accompanied by a luxury cleaning cloth and high-end shear cover case.

Handmade Japan Micro-Cut Hair Cutting Shears - 6"

Precision in Every Delicate Cut Discover the epitome of detailed hairstyling with our Handmade Japan Micro-Cut Hair Cutting Shears, a 6" marvel meticulously crafted from the celebrated VG10 steel, renowned globally for its superior sharpness and enduring durability. These shears guarantee to retain their acute sharpness through countless styling sessions.

Exceptional VG10 Steel: Unveiling Sharpness and Durability Like Never Before Immerse yourself in a cutting experience that harmoniously blends traditional Japanese metallurgy with advanced technology. Our shears, wrought from the distinguished VG10 steel, stand as a beacon of unparalleled hardness and exceptional sharpness, ensuring that every cut is precise, clean, and unblemished, maintaining the health and vitality of the hair.

Seamless Micro-Cutting Precision Step into a world where every micro-cut is executed with effortless precision, enabling the creation of refined and delicate hairstyles with ease. These shears, specifically engineered for supreme micro-cutting accuracy, promise clean, healthy cuts for each strand, allowing you to sculpt and shape with both finesse and innovative artistry.

Product Details

  • Item Name: Handmade Japan Micro-Cut Hair Cutting Shears
  • Size: 6 INCH
  • Material: VG10 Japanese Stainless Steel


  1. Handcrafted shears, specifically designed for unparalleled micro-cutting precision
  2. Constructed from elite VG10 stainless steel, ensuring long-term sharpness and optimal durability
  3. Ergonomically designed for seamless control and comfort during intricate cutting work

Package Includes:

  • 1 Professional Cutting Shear
  • 1 Fitting Rubber Ring
  • Luxury Cleaning Cloth
  • High-End Shear Cover Case

Intricate Craftsmanship, Redefined With the Handmade Japan Micro-Cut Hair Cutting Shears - 6", immerse yourself in a hairstyling journey where every cut is a fusion of precision, comfort, and traditional craftsmanship. Elevate your styling precision and sculpt with unprecedented accuracy, ensuring that every creation, from the simplest cut to the most detailed style, is nothing short of a masterpiece.

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