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Handmade Japan Steel Hair ThInning Shears

SKU: BB-107
Regular price $80.00
Regular price $95.00 Sale price $80.00

barber supplies

Hair Thinning Scissors - 6 inches

Introducing the Handmade Japan Steel Hair Thinning 6"! These top-of-the-line hair thinning scissors is perfect for barbers, hairstylists, and barbershops. Made with high-quality Japanese steel, these scissors are designed to provide a smooth, clean cut every time.

1918 Titan Shears are rated among the top professional tools in the world. These hand-crafted masterpieces are made from alloy steel that keeps them extremely sharp.

Bring your masterpieces to life. Handcrafted from high-grade alloy steel, these professional shears are perfect for achieving a precise cut.

440C/ATS314/9CR13MO are made through heat and ice-tempered treatment to obtain a rigidity of 61 Rc.

Professional Sharpening Service Available


Item Name hair scissors/hair Thinning scissors/barber scissors
Size 6 INCH
Material 440C Japan stainless steel

1. Professional hair cutting scissors

2. 440Cstainless steel

3. Hardness 61HRC


  • 1 Professional shear
  • 1 Fitting rubber ring
  • Luxury cleaning cloth
  • Luxury sheer cover case


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