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Layrite Original Pomade 1.5oz

SKU: LR-201
Regular price $12.00
Regular price $0.00 Sale price $12.00

Strong Hold: Maintains styles all day like a wax. Easy Washout: Rinses out effortlessly like a gel with water. Versatile Styling: Ideal for both classic and modern looks. Natural Finish: Provides a structured yet natural appearance. Suitable for Many Hair Types: Best for fine to medium thick hair and short to medium lengths.
Container of Layrite Original Pomade, showcasing its versatile styling capabilities and easy washability, ideal for various hair types and lengths.

Layrite Pomade

1.5 oz


Layrite Original Pomade is the epitome of styling flexibility, providing the strong hold of wax with the easy washability of a gel. This water-based pomade is designed for those who need a reliable hold throughout the day but desire the convenience of easy removal.

Suitable for fine to medium thick hair and best for short to medium lengths, Layrite Original Pomade is your go-to for crafting everything from classic, polished styles to modern, messy wet looks. Its unique formulation includes Kaolin Clay and natural waxes derived from Brazilian palm tree leaves and coal, ensuring a natural, structured finish to your hairstyle.

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