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1 total reviews

Level 3

Level 3 Professional Rubber Neck Cutting Cape

Regular price $26.50
Regular price Sale price $26.50

Maximum Protection Against Hair and Chemicals Comfortable and Adjustable Rubber Neck Fit High-Quality, Durable Polyester Material Ideal for Various Hair Treatments Sleek Black Design for Professional Use
Level 3 Professional Rubber Neck Cutting Cape in black, showcasing its waterproof, chemical-resistant design and comfortable rubber neck feature.

L3VEL3™ Professional Salon Cape With Rubber Neck | Rubber Neck Hairstyling Cape | Rubber Neck Barber Cape

The Level 3 Professional Rubber Neck Cutting Cape in black is a must-have for barbers and hairstylists seeking to provide their clients with the highest level of protection and comfort. This cape elevates the standard hairdressing experience by incorporating an innovative rubber neck ring, designed to prevent the infiltration of loose hairs and chemicals. Made from waterproof and chemical-resistant polyester, it offers exceptional defense against hair dyes, bleach, and other salon products, ensuring your client's clothing remains pristine throughout the styling process.

Key Features:

  • Superior Protection: Polyester cape resistant to water, color, bleach, and chemicals.
  • Rubber Neck Ring: Ensures a snug fit to prevent hair and chemicals from reaching the client's clothing.
  • Comfortable and Secure: Rubber neck provides comfort and can be adjusted for different neck sizes.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Lightweight yet durable, maintaining professional salon standards.
  • Versatile Design: Suitable for various hair treatments and available in classic black.

Why It’s a Game-Changer: The Level 3 Professional Rubber Neck Cutting Cape revolutionizes client protection in the salon. Its rubber neck ring is a standout feature, offering an enhanced barrier against loose hairs and chemicals. This feature is essential for services involving dyes or bleach, where extra protection is crucial. The cape's adjustable rubber neck accommodates clients of all sizes, ensuring comfort and a custom fit.

The cape's polyester fabric is not only lightweight but also highly protective, safeguarding against water and salon chemicals. It’s spacious enough to cover the client from shoulders to lap, providing comprehensive protection. The smooth fabric also allows for easy removal of hair, simplifying cleanup after haircuts.

Available in a sleek black color, this cape adds a touch of professionalism to your salon, matching any decor while providing top-tier functionality.


  • Width: 55.5 inches.
  • Length: 58 inches.

How to Use:

  1. Drape the cape over your client’s shoulders.
  2. Adjust the rubber neck for a snug yet comfortable fit.
  3. Proceed with hair cutting, coloring, or other treatments, assured of your client's protection.

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    The Barber Kat
    This is EVERYTHING!

    This cape outperforms any other cape. The rubber neck is everything!

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