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New BabylissPro® FXONE LO-PROFX Clipper

SKU: FX829
Regular price $209.99
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Introducing the BABYLISSPRO® FXONE LO-PROFX High Performance Clipper, a state-of-the-art grooming masterpiece combining revolutionary features and unmatched precision. Ideal for professionals seeking performance and versatility, and for individuals desiring premium at-home grooming experiences.
"BABYLISSPRO® FXONE LO-PROFX High Performance Clipper with innovative features, ultra-precision blades, and versatile styling options, ideal for professional and home use."

BABYLISSPRO® FXONE LO-PROFX: Revolutionary High Performance Clipper

BABYLISSPRO® FXONE LO-PROFX High Performance Clipper: A Symphony of Precision, Power, and Versatility

First to Market! Presenting the revolutionary FXONE Collection by BABYLISSPRO®. A pioneering system that introduces One Battery, Unlimited Tools concept. With the FXONE system, experience seamless compatibility with all FXONE tools under a single, powerful battery, framing the future of grooming convenience and flexibility.

This clipper is not merely a grooming tool; it's a masterpiece blending unparalleled performance, ergonomic design, and advanced technology to embody precision and style in every cut.

Package Includes:

  • High Performance Clipper (Tool)
  • Universal FXONE Battery
  • Charging Base

Groundbreaking Features & Benefits:

  • NEW N1 Brushless Motor: Experience the potency of the innovative motor designed for precision and longevity.
  • Dual Ball Bearings: Enhanced efficiency is achieved through dual ball bearings, ensuring smooth operation.
  • 6,800 RPM / 13,600 SPM: Harness the power and speed, essential for professional-grade grooming.
  • NEW Blue Ultra-Thin Metal-Injection Molding (MIM) Blade (FX8022BL): Ultra-sharp and durable, promising precise cuts every time.
  • Built-In Oil Reservoir: Constant lubrication is maintained, ensuring the clipper's optimal performance.
  • Lower Blade Temperature: Experience reduced heat generation for comfortable handling.
  • Zero-Gap Adjustable: Customize the blade's proximity for ultra-precise cuts and trims.
  • NEW 5-Detent Locking Stretch Taper Lever: Securely adjust the taper lever with the new locking mechanism.
  • NEW Interchangeable Lithium Battery Pack (FXBB24): Enjoy the flexibility of the interchangeable battery pack.
  • NEW Quick Battery Release Button: Swiftly release the battery with the new, convenient release button.
  • Ultra-Low-Profile Metal Shield Cover: Sleek and durable shield cover for enhanced protection.
  • Includes 8 Comb Attachments: Offering a variety of lengths for versatile styling options.
  • Limited 2-year Warranty: Peace of mind with a 2-year limited warranty.

Ideal For:

  • Professional barbers and hairstylists aspiring for unmatched performance, precision, and versatility.
  • Enthusiasts seeking premium, professional-level grooming tools for sophisticated at-home styling.

Conclusion: The BABYLISSPRO® FXONE LO-PROFX High Performance Clipper is a beacon of innovation, precision, and versatility in the grooming world. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a grooming enthusiast, embrace the future of grooming with this state-of-the-art clipper and experience grooming excellence with every cut!


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