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1 total reviews


X-ERGO Linear Cordless Clipper

Regular price $174.90
Regular price $229.00 Sale price $174.90

Unparalleled motor speed and power. Comfortable and balanced handling. Adjustable blade for precision cutting. Customizable for personal preference. Efficient and long-lasting battery. Secure and precise magnetic guards.

X-ERGO Linear Cordless Clipper with 9V Magnetic Motor - Professional Grade with Customizable Design and Precision Guards

Gamma+ X-Ergo Clipper - The Most Ergonomic, Fastest, and Quietest Clipper

Experience Cutting-Edge Precision with the X-ERGO Linear Cordless Clipper

Introducing the X-ERGO Linear Cordless Clipper, a revolutionary tool in professional grooming. Equipped with an enhanced 9V microchipped magnetic motor, this clipper is a powerhouse of speed, power, and torque, setting a new standard in the clipper industry.

The magnetic motor, long revered as the apex of clipper motors, is redefined with a microchipped PC board, amplifying its power and torque. Operating at an astounding 10,000 strokes per minute, the X-ERGO not only delivers the ultimate in performance but does so with the quietest operation of any professional clipper on the market.

The X-ERGO’s perfectly balanced modular ergonomic design includes interchangeable Matte Gold, Matte Rose Gold, and Matte Chrome body kits, allowing for various custom modifications. The transparent thumb rest ensures the clipper is perfectly balanced in your hand, providing comfort and control during prolonged use.

Featuring a high-quality Black Diamond Carbon DLC blade, the clipper offers unparalleled sharpness and durability. The blade stays cooler, remains rust-free, and retains its edge longer, and is easily adjustable for zero-gapping, ensuring the closest cut and finish.

The X-ERGO boasts unprecedented customization options with three different lever choices, including two click system levers and one floating system lever, along with Tight or Stretch taper bracket kits for varied taper options. Its impressive 120-minute cordless runtime and swift 105-minute recharge make it highly efficient for busy professionals.

Included in this package are 8 professional double neodymium magnetic guards, engineered to prevent clipper blade teeth from rubbing and featuring an advanced hair channel system for improved hair feeding. The secure magnet system guarantees the guards stay in place for precise cuts. Also, the special stretch bracket enhances your taper range when using the floating lever.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Motor Technology: 9V microchipped magnetic motor for power and speed.
  • Modular Ergonomic Design: Customizable with three body kits and a transparent thumb rest.
  • Black Diamond Carbon DLC Blade: Rust-free and stays sharper longer.
  • Customizable Cutting Options: Various levers and bracket kits for flexibility.
  • Long Battery Life: 120-minute runtime with quick recharge.
  • Magnetic Guards: 8 double magnetic guards for precision and stability.

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Omar Rhoden
Very good clipper

The best clippers on the market rite now !

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